Hippo Crate 411


What are the advantages of Hippo Crate Mobile Storage vs. traditional self storage?
We will bring the Hippo Crate to you! We deliver them to your house and put it anywhere you desire on your property. Hippo Crate MS also eliminates the need for renting or borrowing a truck to handle your items, reducing multiple trips to a traditional storage unit. Also, by allowing us to move your stuff, it reduces the chance of items being damaged. We also keep your items out of the weather keeping them, safe and secure, in our warehouse.

Is Hippo Crate MS a financial burden?
If you think about what it costs to rent/ borrow a truck along with fuel, can be very costly. Not to mention your time, loading/unloading, back and forth trips to a storage site. 1-877-MR-HIPPO is the way to go.

How much can our Hippo Crates hold?
Each one of our Hippo Crates can hold up to 2000 lbs evenly distributed. You can get a bedroom or more in each one of our 5×8×7 crates.

How long do I have to load/unload our Hippo Crate before they are picked up?
No more 24 hour deadlines! Take as long as you need to load your Hippo Crate. Once your Hippo Crate is full, make arrangements with us to pick it up.

What is the minimum amount of time that I have to have my Hippo Crate?
Each Hippo Crate has a one month minimum. Outside of the one month agreement, no term contracts exist.

How many days in advance do I have to schedule a Hippo Crate pick up or delivery?
We can accommodate many times M-F between 9am and 5pm with prior notice. 72 hours is preferred, however our busy schedule may be a factor. As soon as you know, please call and we can schedule the drop or pick up.

How will I secure my Hippo Crate?
We require each Hippo Crate to be locked with the pad lock that we provide for you. Only our Hippo Locks will be allowed for security purposes. Please lock all items in your Hippo prior to pick up. Please beware that you are solely responsible for the key, Hippo Crates MS will not hold on to any spare keys.

Do you offer packing materials?
Yes we will have an array of packing supplies. In fact, each Hippo Crate will be sent to you with the supplies your request. Do not worry, any unused supply will not be charged to your account. We also rent out dollies and moving blankets at your request.

Where do I put my Hippo Crate on my property?
Driveways are the most common places to set your Hippo Crate. With your permission, we can place the 5×8×7 Hippo anywhere our all-terrain forklift can drive. Beware, Hippo Crate MS is not responsible for any property damages should you request your Hippo Crate to be placed anywhere, besides your driveway.

What if I do not own my property or live in an apartment?
Talk to your landlord or property owner before you have us deliver your Hippo Crate. Be sure you and your property management decide on a suitable location for us to deliver your Hippo Crate. We can actually fit two Hippo Crates in a standard parking space.

What is not allowed to be stored in my Hippo Crate?
Here is a list of things not allowed in your Hippo Crate:
Liquids of any kind, food/perishables, propane tanks, aerosol cans, firearms, ammunition, explosives, gasoline, other flammable liquids, inherently dangerous or illegal materials, jewelry, precious, invaluable or irreplaceable documents or property. If you are unsure please call us and we can let you know.

How much does Hippo Crate MS cost me?
Our pricing structure is based on several different factors. We will give discounts for multiple units and long term stays. Go online and fill out a Hippo Quote, or give us a call. We will always give you the best possible price. The minimum occupancy is one month.

How accessible is my Hippo Crate after it has been picked up and stored?
Your Hippo Crate will be available any time Monday through Friday during our normal, business hours. We do require at least a two hour notice prior to your coming down. This allows us time to access your unit and have it ready for you. When you visit our onsite facility, do not forget your keys, or you will not have access to your Hippo Crate.