Packing Tips and Supplies

Crates will store approximately 2-3 rooms of furniture

Packing Tips and Supplies

Packing Tips

Remove unwanted items – sort through your belongings as you are packing.

Mark a box or boxes in big letters on several sides that you will personally transport – irreplaceable items, jewelry, prescriptions, keys, important documents, etc.

Pack room by room and mark boxes – keep in mind where items will be going in your new home to make unpacking quicker.

Keep an inventory of what items are placed in each mobile storage unit.

Don’t pack boxes too heavy – Place heavier items in boxes first and then place lighter items on top.

Try to fill boxes completely – fill open areas with packing paper – will help prevent box crushing.

Be sure to wrap fragile items in a separate box and wrap individually with bubble wrap or packing paper.

Tape the tops of all boxes to keep out dust and other debris.

Cover mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture with protective bags or blankets.

Pack items as tightly as possible in the mobile storage unit to prevent movement or shifting while in transit.

Clean all appliances and prop open doors of refrigerators or freezers if they will be in storage for any amount of time to prevent mold or mildew, use space inside appliances for extra storage.

Keep clothing in dresser drawers to maximize space, pack other items in drawers also such as fragile items

Place hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes or ask about the availability of hanging rods in our mobile storage units

Wrap framed pictures, mirrors, and glass tops or put in boxes – do not lay flat in mobile storage unit.

Light bulbs and shades from lamps should be placed in sturdy boxes

Cover with plastic all tools, bicycles, mowers, or anything with oil and dirt.

Secure all hand tools with rope or tape.

Remove gasoline from all power units such as mowers, trimmers, and saws.

Disconnect all batteries. You can print copies of our inventory sheet here.

Write down Hippo Crate Unit Numbers in case you need access to certain belongings while they are stored at our warehouse (these will be on paperwork but can’t hurt to have written twice).

What might you need to access – load last.

Try to distribute weight evenly throughout the mobile storage unit.

Disassemble furniture or other items if possible to use less space, put fasteners in a plastic bag and tape to disassembled item.

Place heavier boxes or solid items on the floor of the mobile storage unit, stack lighter items on top – will help prevent crushing.

Review what items cannot be stored in a CUBE (See Prohibited list below).

Prohibited: Liquids, Food, Perishables, Flammables, Paints, Propane Tanks, Fire Arms, Ammunition, Aerosol Cans, Corrosive or Hazardous Materials, Explosives, Jewelry, Pharmaceuticals,
Or any other substance and materials whose storage, use, or presence are prohibited and regulated under state, federal, and local laws.

If you are unsure if an item would be allowed, please call our office. Animals and live plants are prohibited.

Call our office to see if we have the supplies you’ll need – 877-MR HIPPO